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Address Poem

Address Poem

Dear Water,

You cool me down.
Why do you have no taste?
You quench my thirst.
Why are you clear?
What does it feel like to freeze?
You’re always there for the world.
Why do you come in different forms?
I hate salt water!
Why are you here?
The world can’t survive without you.

By Aaron M. (FWMS)


Aaron M -

I love the question you ask of water, "What does it feel like to freeze?" Keep on writing!
Mrs. Minnick

good job pickin good word of the animal

I like how you say that the dream catcher is like a guardian angel. I definitely like this poem. Great Job!

Really Good! Exallent questions as you write. Very well done as a poem! i like the topic! Keep writing good job!

I really like how you asked those questions about the water i would never think of doing a poem like that on water.

Your address poem was a very good perspective poem because you asked water different questions. When asking things like,
" What does it feel like to freeze". It made me think about what it might feel like to freeze and what it would feel like to be water and freeze. The other good question was
" Why do you come in different forms which i'm sure made everyone think about why does water come in different forms? To me this poem was true. It sounds like you put alot of thought into this poem. Alot of poems need comparisons but this one was good without them. I don't have any suggestions for you because it went smoothly and sounded perfect. Keep up the good work.

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