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The most beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen
Was a mural
Of an elegant and majestic blue
Dragon stepping through a
Wall of fiercely burning fire.
--Michael B.

The most beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen
Was a praying mantis
With wings that look like petals of flower
And can camouflage to look like flowers
To fool other insects and predators.
--Troy D.

The most beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen
Was lost of melting chocolate in a pot
And then as the pot tilted
Over into the brown bowl as
The chocolate poured int eh
Bowl on top of big melted
Marshmallows with graham crackers
Standing up on the sides of
The chocolate smorez eaten
By me.

--by Jerome E.


They were very interesting poems. I really liked the first one. Keep up the good work.


Nice job....but it was a run-on.


The poem was good but you should think of something else 2 say in each poem other than ''the most beautiful thing''. 1 of your poems had a type-O with the cholcolate poured ''int eh'', i think u ment ''in the''. But The other poems I was really astounded by
them. :)

*You guys had a very long poem, and it was one of the longest I read. Also you all did a good job at creating the poem

Wish: Do it individually next time.

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